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Mag. Barbara Hanuš

Mag. Barbara Hanuš studied Slovene language – pedagogy at the Faculty
of Arts,where she graduated in June 1983. At the Academy of Pedagogics
in Ljubljana in parallel she studied librarianship. In 1997, she acquired a
Masters degree in Slovene literature. In Banja Luka, she taught Slovene

to pupils of Slovene descent for 8 years. With papers on stimulating in-
tercultural dialogue, in September 2010 she took part in the Congress of

the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) in Spain. She
is author of readers and manuals for teaching literature in the first five
years of elementary school. She publishes professional articles on reading
and teaching methods. In the textbook and collection of exercises called
Križkraž – Getting to Know Slovenia, she gathered interesting stories
about travelling in beautiful Slovenia.

With the book “Coffee Circle” she addresses old people. She wrote the sto-
ries inspired by the thought that reading can enrich us in every period of

our lives.

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