Sea Fish


When we walk along the seafront or swim in the sea, we can see lots of different fish, or even a whole school of them. They are interesting, and we want to learn more about them. We don’t need to be good swimmers or even snorkelers. We can see fish in aquariums and in fish markets or even in the seafood restaurants.
But how do we know that an animal is a fish? How to recognize them?
Fish live in the sea, of course, but also in inland waters, like lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.
The body of a fish is designed to float well. The bodies of most fish are covered with scales. To reproduce, most fish deposit large amounts of egg into the water, which the males then fertilized. Fish are of different sizes and they grow throughout their lives.The book is written in the form of a simplified classification key for the identification of common fish species. Such simplified keys can be useful in close observation when we learn to look for similarities and differences between animals. They can also improve our ability to observe. In addition, we understand exceptional animal diversity.

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