Slovenia: cultural heritage at the juncture of the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Basin and the Balkans


Cultural heritage is a record of a people’s economic endeavours, social relations and creativity through history The essence of Slovenia lies in its diversity, cultural and otherwise, which is most tangibly represented by its cultural heritage Each generation decides what will represent its cultural heritage. Cultural heritage does not only dip into the past of various social groups, but has also proven to offer innovative solutions for the modern world. This book features 105 aspects of cultural heritage, presented with text and images, from man’s natural surroundings and living quarters, to social rituals and creative endeavours in a variety of media and fields.

Datum izida: 12.6.2019
Zbirka: Fani Slovenija
Trda vezava
Obseg: 116 strani
Format:135×180 mm
ISBN 978-961-6882-52-1

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