Alpine Plants


In early summer we could admire blooming alpine plants such as alpine snowbell, bearded bellflower, auricula, edelweiss and many more. When we head to the mountains, we can notice changes in the landscape, flora, and fauna. We usually start the climb along a path leading through a forest, mixed at first and then coniferous forest. The first alpine plants are mostly in the zone that starts at 600 metres above sea level, but can occasionally grow lower. Predominantly in alpine valleys, we can find the first alpine plants that are carried there by torrents in the form of seeds or even occasionally uprooted entire patches. If we head to the mountains in early summer, we have a chance to admire blooming plants. We must not pick or destroy these plants; however, we can photograph them and look up their names in botanic books. Numerous alpine plants are endangered, and it is very likely they might become extinct. Therefore, we have a rule: do not pick or intentionally harm alpine plants! The book is written in the form of a simplified identification key for the most common species of alpine plants growing in the Alps.

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