Ljubljana, the Green City


Ljubljana is the capital and the largest city of a small country in the middle of Europe – Slovenia – which became independent in 1991, and a member of the European Union in 2004. Almost in the centre of this country is the city LJUBLJANA with just under 300,000 inhabitants. It has a pleasant climate, with mild winters and quite warm summers. Ljubljana is a green city. It lies amid green hills and plains, through which winds the green Ljubljanica River. Let’s take a look! At the initiative of the European Commission, Ljubljana was awarded the title European Green Capital 2016, which is a great honour. Its green areas are carefully designed for the pleasant and healthy life of the population of the city and for the joy of all visitors. Green areas cover three quarters of all areas of the city; among them there are four nature parks.
The Green Ring is a 34-km long route around the city, where 7,000 trees were recently planted.

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