Slovenian Potica – the Queen of all Dessert


To the taste of the Slovenian potica! When I travel abroad people are often curious about typical Slovenian dishes. Also numerous tourists and other guests who visit our country ask similar questions. I am never at a loss for answers: besides telling them that Slovenia boasts a wide range of gastronomic diversity I always mention our potica, too. In fact, I use plural, since in the twenty-four gastronomic regions almost a hundred sweet and savoury varieties of potica with different fillings are known. Hence, we can say that Slovenia is a potica-dominated country and poticas are the best ambassadors of our culinary distinction and gastronomy. Numerous interesting flavours of these dough rolls with fillings evidence the skill and mastery of potica making. The Republic of Slovenia gave protected status to the Slovenian potica in 2017, for the beginning to the following varieties: with walnut, walnut and raisin, tarragon, tarragon with cottage cheese, and raisin fillings. Next comes the protection of the Slovenian poticas a guaranteed traditional speciality (GTS) in the European Union. Both protections are important for underlining our food features and rich gastronomic heritage and its identity. Therefore the present book on the Slovenian potica is intended for a wide circle of readers, particularly the young ones, who are advised to discover the countries of the world and their everyday life and holidays “through” tastes. It should stimulate the adults to upgrade their great skill in potica making and particularly to hand it down to younger generations. Finally, the book is also intended for tourists to learn about potica and, in the first place, to taste our poticathat is matched by no other dessert in the world! Professor Janez Bogataj

Datum izida: 29.6.2018
Zbirka: Fani Slovenija
Mehka vezava z zavihki
Obseg: 64 strani
Format:135×180 mm
ISBN 978-961-6882-38-5

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