Savory, Sweet, Well Rolled – ŠTRUKLJI – the DUMPLINGS OF SLOVENIA


Janez Bogataj

Nothing is more typical of Slovenia’s tasty gastronomy than štruklji [ʃtruklyɪ]. Made of pastry or dough, they are filled with an array of mouth-watering fillings. If you prefer savoury, you could go for fritters, chives, parsley, cheese … Or for sweet, the choice is endless – cottage cheese, tarragon, apples, prunes, walnuts … Then top with butter, bread crumbs or cinnamon to taste.
Learn about the origins and folklore of štruklji, and try your hand at a host of recipes to produce these delicacies on your own. They vary from region to region. Author Janez Bogataj is a leading expert on Slovenia’s culture and gastronomy. His mother’s štruklji are among his most cherished childhood memories.



135 x 180 mm, hard cover, 64 pages

20,90 €

ISBN  978-961-7163-05-4

Published in May 2022